Tower (2017)

This is my first project from Art 107, and coincidentally, also one of the first images I ever created using Photoshop. It is an edited photograph of a paper sculpture that had to support itself without any adhesive. Continue reading “Tower (2017)”

Ser Ghul

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“Apotheosis is death. Witness Dread Tenebrous’ castle in the border on The Edge of the Moonlight and see where his ivory temple stands, sibilant on the pearly black sands of Ser Ghul. The Orphan watched there, saw the unholy emptiness unfolding. Even the Dead disowned that brooding evil.”

Here’s a piece I completed in late 2014, I think. I’m pretty sure I used pastel and pencil. I was inspired by Jean Basquiat’s crude, skeletal iconography, which he renders with a terrifically vibrant dripping paint-splatter sensibility.

“Tenebrous is the play between light and dark; he is a shining angel of demonic indifference. He is the end; he is this emptiness.”

(c) Grady Pearson 2017