The Midway

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term “midway” in the following ways.

midway, n., adv.adj., and prep.

  1. The middle of the way or distance, the halfway point.
  2. A medium, a middle course or state.
  3. A central avenue along which the chief exhibits or amusements are placed; any area of sideshows or amusements.

The word is a favorite of mine, so it became the title of my site. “Midway”is the state of being in which I find myself often. Maybe you feel like I do, and often find yourself in an intermediate period of life rather than at a definitive beginning or ending.

“Midway” describes this transitory, evolving state of being. This site will host my writings and ideas in their varying states of completion and development. In this respect, the site will serve as a digital portfolio exhibiting my work inside and outside of the classroom. Hopefully it will fulfill the third OED definition as well and provide an exhibition of amusements.

So, welcome to the Midway. What would you like to talk about?