Crossing Over: An Explication of Amy Clampitt’s “Discovery” (1993)

Essay completed 11 September 2017

The 1993 poem “Discovery” portrays the prioritization of fantasy over reality that arises when a society separates itself from nature. The speaker dramatizes this divide with the concrete image of humans encountering manatees swimming “upriver to Blue Spring,” a location cast as a neutral territory between the fakeness of the  “cozy mythologies” humans invent and the authenticity nature offers. “No imagining these sirenians dangerously singing,” the speaker remarks, considering the difference between manatees and their fantastical counterparts, “…so much for the Little Mermaid.” Continue reading “Crossing Over: An Explication of Amy Clampitt’s “Discovery” (1993)”

Vaporscape Series: How Seriously Should We Take Vaporwave?

Vaporwave is a depressing celebration of emptiness in excess. It represents the most superficial and disturbing facets of consumer culture in a format that is both sarcastic and celebratory. Vaporwave is simultaneously dystopia and utopia. The late 80s and 90s, cyberculture, and capitalism are both the subject of nostalgia and the butt of the joke. Continue reading “Vaporscape Series: How Seriously Should We Take Vaporwave?”