Reflection Paper – ENG 394 Final Project

Poem ENG 394 Hub Paratext


Inspiration and Goals

For my final English 394 project, I wrote a randomly-generated poem from a collage of my own writing and paratext from decidedly non-poetic corners of the internet. A personal writing exercise inspired this project. When I have writer’s block, I select a block of text from the internet – a news article, advertisement, or a particularly virulent comments section– and break it down word by word into text pools arranged by any arbitrary category, like part of speech, number of letters, etc. From there, I can configure the deconstructed block of text into thousands of new arrangements. I sought to complicate this process in my project by using random number generators to build a poem from a set of text pools, to see what new connections and narrative voices could emerge from a process that intentional writing might not be capable of emulating. Continue reading “Reflection Paper – ENG 394 Final Project”