From Interzone to a Sunny Park

2018 – Grady Pearson

I sketched this one in pencil last summer. It’s based on a character from an unfinished story I started in 2014 called The Boy with Two Faces. I drew inspiration for this study from lots of sources, including William S. Burroughs’s Naked Lunch, the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy’s Supreme Leader Snoke, and The Interface Series (also known as _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9).

Afternoon in a park bathed in sunlight. You feel a light pressure on the back of your neck. It’s not cold, but it isn’t the warm touch of the midday sun. When you turn, your gaze meets his. The corner of his thin lip shifts, but he does not look away. Thin hands brush the front of his coat and find their place in his pockets.

His expectant eye speaks with brimming kindness, but politeness restrains the rest of his thin frame. He has something to say to you, but he does not move or speak. The diagonal smile resurfaces twice, once a ghost, again in lopsided earnest. An invitation.

What do you ask him?

Author: Grady

Grady Pearson was a student at Davidson College.

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